Jens, the owner of this domain has 50 years of experience as a travel writer, managing a travel club and the first and most famous TravelCompanionExchange (almost like a 'Dating Service for Travelers').

He wrote and self-published several books on "How To Fly For Less", the "Air Travel & Charter Flight Handbook" and "1001 Sources for FREE Travel Information". This was all well before the Internet and search engines like Google.

His books sold about 120,000 copies; copies in public libraries were often quickly stolen.

Jens Jurgen also wrote a best-selling booklet "Foiling Pickpockets & Other Travel-Related Scams". His travel newsletter "TravelCompanions", published until 2003, was often praised in newspaper travel sections as one of the best consumer-oriented travel publications. 
Retired for over 10 years, he is now offering a number of sought-after premium dot-com Travel, Dating & SharingaHome domain names he still owns for sale. 
Ideal business opportunities for social networking, cruise lines, hotel chains, airlines and other travel-booking websites and travel related startups with website/apps development skills.

Some major wellknown travel booking sites and/or hotel chains and cruise agencies may want to buy some of these easy-to-remember names so as to prevent competitors from aquiring them first!

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